I am a visual artist with an abiding interest in human interactions with the natural world. I also have twenty years experience as a magazine photography director,  and three years producing web videos.I've seen a happy convergence of interests during my tenures at OnEarth and Audubon, where I produced visual media for complex  stories about science, nature and the environment. In 2013, I was the Knight Fellow in the School of Visual Communication, Ohio University, where my focus was on Multimedia. Currently I am the Photography Director for Modern Farmer, which won a 2016 ASME for General Excellence.

 In my personal work, I look at evidence of ruination, preservation and restoration - especially in the often ambiguous terrain where these overlap. I am curious about the idea of the Anthropocene, and think often of Freud’s assertion that “the principle task of civilization, its actual raison d’etre, is to defend us against nature”. In urban and national forests, in museums, science laboratories, and private homes, I look at how we interpret, impact and manage the natural world. Photography has been my mainstay. Lately I've been experimenting with other forms. (If you poke around a little on this site, you'll see different versions for a couple of videos.)  

I have a few projects in the pipeline and not yet on this site. Email me if you want to have a look.